Reiki at Simpatico

Energy is at the core of everybody and everything - it is the essential, unifying element for the universe. Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique whereby the universal life force is channelled through the practitioner to the focus - which maybe a client, and animal or even an object.


Reiki is an ancient yet simple healing technique. It has been found to produce profound results all through gentle touch, positive mindsets, and energy transfer. Whether you want to receive Reiki for emotional trauma healing, energy level balancing, or to develop yourself spiritually, Reiki has endless advantages. Regular Reiki treatment promotes the consistent and unlocked flow of energy throughout the body. This allows people to feel less stress, enhances learning and memory, promotes mental clarity, and physical healing/ less physical pain. When energy passageways are blocked, positive energy cannot flow to certain parts of the body, which results in mood swings, fear, anger, pain, and more. Reiki can help keep these passages clear. 

Reiki reminds receivers to be in the present moment. The positive energy transfer allows the mind to focus on current events, not hold onto past mistakes, and not fret on anxieties about the future. This will help with accepting how life is unfolding and will help promote positive reactions to situations, people, and circumstances. ​​

Reiki helps you sleep better

You can always expect to feel extremely relaxed after a Reiki session. This kind of relaxation helps our bodies to sleep better, to heal better, and to think more clearly. It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep entirely during a Reiki Session.


After a Reiki session is it advised for the next 48 hours to be gentle with yourself, please drink lots of water, herbal teas, (no coffee or alcohol) and try to eat plant-based foods (no meat). Also, no smoking. You may feel a little vertigo as your chakras have just been realigned. Please remember to sit and reflect on your Reiki session and concentrate on your breathing.  And envision the golden liquid light flowing into your body from the top of your head (your crown chakra) and flowing with love and light all the way through your Chakra system (your entire body).


Allow 45 minutes for this session and a complimentary herbal tea is provided afterwards.


This service is available on a Tuesday night, please contact Leticia to make a booking.


The cost of this service is $60.

After a Reiki session

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