At Simpatico we understand that it is just as important to spend time listening to you as it is to cut your hair. We do not hurry the consultation process because we recognise that we need to understand what you require from your hair style. Our task is to create a beautiful style that you can maintain every day and love.

Simpatico Hair Studio is a relaxed and friendly studio that provides professional service.



"Highly recommend these guysI don't trust many people to cut my hair but they made me feel comfortable and listened to what I wanted so I'll definitely be going back again."​

Marina Cederman

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Simpatico Hair Studio

Energy is at the core of everybody and everything - it is the essential, unifying element for the universe. Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique whereby the universal life force is channeled through the practitioner to the focus - which maybe a client, and animal or even an object.


Allow 45 minutes for this session and a complimentary herbal tea is provided afterwards.


This service is available on a Tuesday night, please contact Leticia to make a booking.


The cost of this service is $60.


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Reiki at Simpatico

"It was lovely to meet you and I'm very happy I found you!!  Exactly what I was after: a small business with a very skilled and experienced hairdresser, great understanding of the needs of the client, not pushy, not judgmental, very friendly and super smiley :) :) My hair looks so much better since you cut it :) I'm very pleased.​"

Sandrine Labout

The Client Journey



You, as the client, can always expect a clean, tidy and welcoming environment. You will be greeted and made to feel comfortable.


A refreshment menu is available, and will always be offered. On those cold wintery days a complimentary lavender wheat bag will be applied to your shoulders to help sooth those aches and pains. This service is also available in summer, please feel free to ask.


Home hair care recommendations will be made for you to be able to have beautiful hair between your visits.


Rebooking your next appointment is advised before leaving the salon, as this is more convenient for you as a client to ensure you can have the day and time that suits you best. 

Nak Hair Products

Vegan friendly / Not tested on animals

Sulphate free / Paraben free


Our product collections feature Natural Vegan Ingredients, Luxe Botanicals, and Pure Essential Oils which provide beautiful hair rituals that respect the delicate nature of hair and skin. Science and nature play a vital role in creating NAK Products. This essential balance ensures we can create beautiful products of the highest standard, that respect the delicate nature of hair and skin. 

Sulphate free / Paraben free

Restores / Rejuvinates / Nourishes


The NAK signature ranges is infused with natural mineral rich elements from the sea. A unique "Bio-Marine Complex" consisting of five key ingredients combined to nourish, strengthen and repair the hair fibre, replacing lost nutrients. 


NAK Structure Complex Rescues and repairs chemically treated, dry or damaged hair after chemical change.

Structure Home Hair Care

Simpatico Hair Studio

If you are feeling unwell please reschedule your appointment and stay home, tucked up nice and warm, resting with some lemon and ginger tea. I look forward to seeing you when you are feeling better. This also applies to "just a cold."


Also, if you have travelled to the North Island or overseas in the last 2 weeks, please reschedule your appointment for 14 days from your return. 


Thank you for being considerate.​

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